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March 2024

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At CES, we’re committed to providing evidence-based information that is accurate, reliable, and easy to access. We’re honored to have the opportunity to provide you with valuable information on child and adolescent health and mental health topics.
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CES is pleased to share the following from our community partner, the Centre for Sexuality.

Contact Diana Wark, Parent Program Coordinator, for more information -


Wednesday March 6 @ noon

Push To Heal - Skateboarding as a Tool for Regulation, Connection, and Education

Wednesday March 13 @ 6:30 pm

How Do We Figure Out What Consequences To Use?

Thursday March 14 @ 10 am

Conflict and Executive Function

Tuesday March 19 @ 2pm

Can We Talk? Parenting and Sexual Health

Tuesday March 19 @ 6pm

Men’s Real Talk - Workshop Highlighting men’s experiences of abuse and the impact it can have on the family environment

Wednesday March 20 @ 10 am

Youth and Mindfulness

Wednesday March 20 @ 1pm

Creating a Culture of Respect: Understanding 2SLGBTQ for Parents

Thursday March 21 @ noon

Building Resiliency in Today's Youth


Through your participation, you agree that you will not save content, record content, share, or post photos from any presentation without prior permission.
Doing so will result in you being removed from the session.
Presentations are FREE and are Category B learning credits.
Certificates are sent within 3 days following the presentation.


PFA - Psychological First Aid - Provincial and National resources (click on the image below).
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  • children must be 8-12 yrs old
  • pre-existing ADHD diagnosis
  • no other neurodevelopmental diagnoses, such as ASD, Epilepsy, FASD, any intellectual disabilities, or genetic conditions linked to neurodevelopmental disorders
  • children must be able to understand spoken/written English
  • access to a computer/laptop with a keyboard
  • all sessions are held via ZOOM and may take up to an hour to complete
  • prepaid gift card for participation
To learn more or book a session, contact or

More than 70 previously recorded presentations can be viewed, anytime, on our YouTube playlist.

As always, we welcome feedback regarding topics you'd like to see addressed. We are always looking for new speakers - just reach out to us or 403 955-4730.


The resources and the information provided on the Mental Health Literacy website are designed to help you support the ones you love, while ensuring you take care of yourself while doing so. Education on mental health can help change the conversation and the more we do so, the better we can support those we care for.



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